Microsoft And Oracle Join Forces

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Who’d have thought? Microsoft and Oracle have entered into a strategic cloud partnership, where the two technology giants will intertwine their cloud computing services by combining forces.

The big idea is to target large enterprise customers that plan to migrate their computing tasks to the cloud. And, well, there is also the small benefit of countering the threat posed by AWS, the cloud computing arm of Amazon.

Details of this partnership went official at the beginning of July, with the two companies highlighting cloud interoperability as the foremost point on the agenda.

This will enable customers to migrate and run their mission-critical enterprise workloads across both Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. Enterprises will be able to seamlessly connect Azure services like Analytics and AI, to Oracle Cloud service offerings like Autonomous Database.

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As Don Johnson, Oracle executive vice president put it:

“With this alliance, our joint customers can migrate their entire set of existing applications to the cloud. Without having to re-architect anything, preserving the large investments they have already made.”

In other words, this is a scenario where companies get access to a highly optimized cloud experience that is practically the best of both worlds — as long as the two worlds have Microsoft and Oracle logos on them.

And while this move is nowhere near as surprising for Microsoft as it is for Oracle, it very clearly hints at a rapidly evolving cloud strategy for the two companies as they bring the fight to Amazon Web Services, the market leaders in this space.

Obviously, this is also tightly coupled with the AI and machine learning workloads that customers now seek, and a team up like this allows the two providers to offer access to superior data intelligence capabilities.

Now at lower costs, thanks to these common and shared skill sets.

Oracle has, since time eternal, been the default enterprise database of choice for many companies. And the firm now wants to make it easier for customers to use the business intelligence and AI services that Microsoft offers, on its platform.

For Microsoft, though, this partnership is simply a representation of a continued willingness to partner with all market leaders to make it easier for its clients to work with their platform of choice.

Fundamentally, this agreement means enterprises can easily have a backup cloud if they are starting with Azure or Oracle, while also getting the ability to split up workloads according to their preferences.

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