Multicloud The Focus For Cloud Computing In 2019


Cloud Wars. The year is still new, but the battles are old. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud will continue their fight in 2019, though there seems to be a multicloud spin on current proceedings.

That, and that we might see the hybrid moves IBM has been making start bearing fruits.

A neatly compiled, epic piece tries to paint a picture for 2019.

Big story is that while top cloud providers have maintained their positions, the market itself is in a flux when it comes to strategies. IaaS is pretty much decided between the three big providers, but new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have invited other players to the party.

Meanwhile, the market itself will have a decidedly multicloud spin, and there is a distinct possibility that large enterprises will consume cloud computing services from all the big vendors in this space.

Which, according to Gartner, is set to be helped by a 3.2% increase in global IT spending to $3.76 trillion, covering everything from datacenter spending to enterprise software.

In term of big themes for the year, cost management remains arguably the biggest challenge for cloud computing customers. While compute and storage are a race to the bottom, costs for AI, ML and serverless technologies have a big say in the numbers.

In fact, AI continues to be a differentiating factor for cloud providers, with vendors like IBM making moves to manage artificial intelligence and cloud services across multiple clouds.

All this, while financial transparency is taking a backslide. Companies like Oracle and Microsoft are lumping together their cloud businesses in one column. Parsing cloud sales is becoming more and more difficult.

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