Microsoft Teams Scores Big In Taiwan


You’d have to think really hard to name a more popular Microsoft product this year. Azure, Windows and Office are keeping steady, but Microsoft Teams is where it’s at.

This unified communication and collaboration platform has been going places for a fair while now.

But the ongoing global health crisis simply pushed it to the stratosphere!

With the digital revolution now zooming across the globe, organizations are seeking solutions to help with this paradigm shift. Taiwan is one such country that is seeing this massive transition taking place, and local authorities have decided to embrace Microsoft Teams for all its proceedings.

Microsoft Teams Logo

Microsoft with the announcement:

“PowerApps are used to create sign-in forms with MFA as an extra layer of security. Once signed in, members enter their personal data and meeting information into the system. PowerApps uploads this data to the SQL server, using Power BI to visualize and plug data into Teams. This secure and thorough process allows all legislators access to all the latest information in real-time.”

Legislators will now stay at home and use an advanced solution to work remotely — a solution that combines Microsoft Teams with the company’s PowerApps platform.

Long story short, the global adoption of Teams continues to skyrocket. And Microsoft is paying due attention to its solution, with the company promising to add interoperability with Skype later this year.

The most recent statistics to come out of Redmond revealed that Teams had reached a total of 75 million daily active users, with the platform handling more than 200 million participants in a single day and generating more than 4.1 billion meeting minutes.

No wonder the competition is teaming up to take it down.

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