How Coronavirus Is Changing Windows

May 5, 2020
Coronavirus World

The world is changing, so is Windows. The coronavirus pandemic that is raging across the planet, well major parts of it, is altering the way we live, work and communicate.

And it is only logical that technology will adapt to these changing habits.

This opinion piece goes over a bunch of different ways the Windows platform itself may change. A simpler way to put it is that coronavirus will make it easier for Microsoft to head in the direction it was already pursuing.

Starting with how the OS is updated.

Right now, not only does the company has a major fraction of its workforce work from home, including engineers in the Windows development team, it has also made changes to how businesses and enterprises update their systems.

The upcoming May 2020 Update practically offers no major new features, and doesn’t even come with any significant changes under the hood. Striking as it sounds. After all, the last major update for Windows 10 was a pretty minor one, and the user base expected some fireworks this time.

Not to be.

Then there are the various conferences like BUILD and Inspire that have transitioned to virtual events from in-person gathering that they were known for.

Another factor are the IT staff, who are struggling to keep their systems running, working from home. You just don’t want to burden them with a mountain of updates and patches.

And then there are other realities like the surge in the use of Teams, Microsoft’s collaboration and chat application. As of late April, it had 75 million users — up from 20 million users in January. This led to CEO Satya Nadella terming this as two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.

Could we see something like Teams and other collaboration tools built directly into Windows now, as remote work continues to surge?

Give the article a read for the full picture of how the world of Windows may never be the same.

And share your thoughts on whether you agree with it or not, below.

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