New Internet Explorer Options Come To Edge

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer may be history now, but the classic web browser is still with its uses. More specifically, for older and custom software that makes use of IE and its technology.

Particularly in enterprise scenarios.

Needless to say, Redmond was forced to find a way to provide support for all these vintage applications in Microsoft Edge. And it did not with the Internet Explorer mode that comes with the Chromium version of Edge.

It allows users to load websites and web content in the original Windows browser without leaving its modern successor.

It is this built-in IE mode that just picked a bunch of refinements recently, with the Canary version of Edge browser introducing a few new options for folks that just have to rely on this module for their apps and services.

Anyway, Microsoft Edge now comes with an option to allow sites to be directly reloaded in Internet Explorer mode.

As the software titan explains:

“When browsing in Edge, if a site requires Internet Explorer for compatibility, you can choose to reload it in Internet Explorer mode.

If this option is on, you can open sites that require Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge using Internet Explorer mode. To reload the page in Internet Explorer mode, select Settings and more > More tools > Reload in Internet Explorer mode. If this option is off, it won’t appear under More tools.”

Sounds pretty straightforward.

This mode has been designed to very accurately simulate the native Internet Explorer experience, meaning supports all document and enterprise modes, ActiveX controls, Browser Helper Objects, F12 developer tools for IE, even Internet Explorer settings and Group Policies.

Only things you miss out on are IE toolbars and settings that concern the navigation menu, like search engines in Internet Explorer.

A fair compromise, don’t you say?

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