PowerToys Aims To Replace Win + R

PowerToys Run

With Microsoft now all on the open source train, it comes as no surprise that the company continues to launch new solutions. PowerToys is one such solution, and it continues to aim high.

This time, it is going for the modernization of the Win + R experience — the Run dialog, so to say.

Redmond released Windows Terminal 1.0 yesterday, on the first day of its digital BUILD 2020 developer conference. And soon followed it with this new version of the system utilities suite that packs in its usual box of goodies.

PowerToys version 0.18 is officially here, and brings with it PowerToys Run and a Keyboard Remapper.

The highlight here is the new Run launcher. It offers support for quick search, plugins, and the ability to run applets and programs as administrator. Rather polished, even in this early release, the launcher allows you to search for applications and files, quite similar to how Start Menu does it.

PowerToys Run

And apparently, grand things are planned for future iterations that will see it turn into a more powerful launcher, similar in functionality to Alfred on macOS and more capable than Apple Spotlight search.

You can also expect to see shortcuts to Control Panel here.

The team had been rather public about creating the PowerToys Run apps launcher, and hinted at its arrival late last month. It previously went by as Power Launcher, which one can say was a much cooler name. But we’ll take it.

As for the second new addition, we have what is called Keyboard Remapper, a feature that lets you remap key to key and shortcut to shortcut.

If you’re interested in checking this new arrival out, you can find the full changelog and more details on version 0.18 release of PowerToys over at the GitHub page of the project.

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