Surface Duo Is $100 Off At Best Buy

Surface Duo

In on the Surface Duo? Well, if you want to get your hands on it, then the Best Buy option just got a bit more alluring, as the retailer can save you $100 on Microsoft’s first Android handset if you preorder.

Speaking of which, it was a couple of weeks ago that Redmond unveiled the Duo, detailed the pricing and availability of the foldable phone. The main highlight being that this was a fairly expensive device, coming in at an eye-watering starting price of $1,399.

And while you can order it from the Microsoft Store, as well as AT&T, Best Buy seems to be offering, well, the best buy.

The firm has the handset on offer at a very special price of $100 off if you activate it when you preorder. What this means is that you can get the 128GB model for $1,299 or the 256GB model for $1,399.

This is common practice, but was not available when preorder first launched.

Unfortunately, since the phone is still locked, your only option for activating it for the discount is still good old AT&T. Those of you who are planning to activate the unlocked phone on T-Mobile or Verizon will have to do it on your own time and without the $100 discount.

That said, while Best Buy is generous with its offer, there are other deals about.

For instance, the Microsoft Store will give you up to $700 off the price with an eligible trade-in. And you can always buy the device directly from AT&T on an installment plan.

So, while you are limited when it comes to buying choices for the Surface Duo, there are some on offer.

Will they be enough to entice interest with the masses? Well, that remains to be seen.

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