Video: Why Windows 10X Is A Big Deal

Windows 10X Start Menu

Big deal. Not every day you get to hear about the development of a new operating system. These complex pieces of software are very rare. For a reason.

This is what has made the news that Microsoft has been working on a new OS all that more special.

Although not technically an entirely new operating system, the Windows 10X platform is being designed as a modern version of Windows built for new form factor devices. As in, foldable PCs in both single and dual screen configurations.

The devices themselves may not make it in time for 2020, but the OS is here to stay.

The software titan demoed this new version of Windows at its hardware event this past October. And since then, we have had a slow trickle of leaks and information detailing what exactly the company is cooking behind Redmond walls.

Whatever it is, it is delicious!

As this neatly done video showcases, the shiny new user interface is only part of the appeal. The underlying changes in Windows 10X are much bigger, and the platform is aiming to fundamentally change how Windows works for everyone.

Give it a watch:

Richly produced by TechAltar, the video goes over all the major changes and improvements to the operating platform that are being introduced in Windows 10X. From the Start Menu that now serves as the launcher, to the modern File Explorer and reimagined apps experience.

Then there are things like seamless authentication and faster updates, and you have a winner!

Windows 10X truly is the Windows for the next decade.

And that’s what makes it a big deal.

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