Watch The Xbox Series S Reveal Trailer

Xbox Series S Console

Microsoft has now confirmed the entry level model of its next-generation gaming console, with the newly announced Xbox Series S all set to launch on November 10.

For an astonishing $299.

And if you’re wondering where this information is coming from, then you might want to watch this official reveal trailer for the Xbox Serie S that Microsoft has recently published on the Xbox channel on YouTube.


This short clip tells you all you need to know about this remarkably small new unit — at least during this early stage before it becomes available for purchase in a couple of months from now. And it must be said that there is a lot to like here.

For starters, Xbox Series S is stacked when it comes to processing prowess at its price point, with the ability to hit up to 120 fps at 1440p, DirectX raytracing, variable rate shading, variable refresh rate, and the ability to stream media at 4K.

Speaking of which, the company also touts 4K upscaling for games.

A custom 512GB NVMe SSD that supports the company’s new Xbox Velocity Architecture will handle storage duties. And this certainly seems low for an all-digital console, though it is a given that including something like 1TB capacity here would have raised the price.

Overall, Microsoft seems to be in a pretty good position ahead of the beginning of this new console generation.

It already had the most powerful next-generation in the Xbox Series X, and with the Xbox Series S, it will also have the most affordable.

Not a bad place to be in.

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