What’s Weather Doing In Windows Search?


Microsoft continues to improve search in Windows, with features large and small. This time around, the company has rolled out a small one, in the form of weather information right in the UI.

And as you may expect, this tweak has generated mixed reactions in the user community.

The company basically slid in a small weather tile in the search UI to show the current weather conditions and temperature in search. It is displayed in the top left corner when you click on the search icon in the taskbar.

Like so:

Windows Search Weather

You also get a weather forecast link that launches the Weather app on Windows 10 to display additional information.

What’s important to note is that this is a server-side switch, and has not actually arrived in a particular Windows 10 build. Meaning, it does not matter whether you are rocking Windows 10 version 2004 or any of the prior versions, this feature is enabled using a server setting.

As long as you have location services turned on for your Windows 10 system.

And, well, there’s also the little bit that this feature is being rolled out in stages. Not everyone is getting the weather tile right away, probably because Microsoft wants to gather some feedback from the user base regarding this addition.

Speaking of which, the feature has received mixed reactions, with some users saying that its useful, while others nearly not as impressed.

Let’s see whether (pun always intended) this sticks.

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