Windows 10 Updates Wreck Cisco VPN Client


Weird. The Cisco VPN Client would be one of the last applications that you would expect to be damaged by a Windows 10 update, seeing as Microsoft takes great care on the enterprise side of things.

But sadly, that’s exactly what has happened.

As reported, version of the Cisco VPN Client got corrupted after a Windows 10 machine went through an update routine. The user in question actually managed to replicate the issue on two different notebooks, one a Dell and the other, HP.

Interestingly, what happens is that the tunnel is established fine, but no data is allowed to be passed through.

The Rx/Tx bytes both remain at zero. And when working, some 800 bytes are sent with the data flow taking place. But the VPN is promptly killed soon after a unit threshold is breached.

Cisco Logo

Logging in into the Cisco VPN Client throws up this message:

“The setup must update files or services that cannot be updated while the system is running. If you choose to continue, a reboot will be required to complete the setup.”

The user has also listed the different KB updates that may be the culprit.

Nothing from Microsoft on this as of yet, seeing as this is not exactly a widespread issue. Or Cisco, for that matter. But if other users report this problem, then there is a chance that the companies will place this issue under the radar.

Makes one shiver at the thought of just how complex modern computing has become, how complicated is the process of maintaining and update an operating system.

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