Windows 10 Version 1903 Slow Out The Gates

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Expected. Or was it? Are we facing a situation where Windows 10 users find that their current version of the OS is good enough for their needs, and shy away from upgrading?

Not unlike the current scenario Windows 7?

No matter, because the positive news right now is that even though the May 2019 Update was slow off the mark, it has breached the double-figure milestone. Data collected on July 25 shows that Version 1903 has finally passed the 10% share mark.

These numbers have been revealed by AdDuplex in its monthly Windows 10 usage report that is based on about 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that use its SDK.

AdDuplex July 2019

And it shows that interestingly, not much has changed in the Windows 10 landscape compared to the previous month when these figures were tallied.

Well, not much, unless you consider 5% in a month a big leap.

Because that is about how much the May 2019 Update grew during this time span — going from 6.3% to a respectable 11.4%. This is slow growth, but the latest and greatest version of Windows 10 is getting there, what with its phased rollout.

And then there was also the case of the previous October 2018 Update suffering from a large number of bugs that led to many users delaying the upgrade and remaining on the April 2018 Update, skipping the October Update altogether.

They are now hopping onto Version 1903, albeit slowly.

AdDuplex July 2019

This does leave Windows 10 April 2018 Update the top choice among the OS users, with a leading spot thanks to its 53.7% share. Version 1809 is the runner-up with 29.7%, with the May Update following.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has starting pushing Version 1903 as an automatic update recently, which is basically the reason why 1803 declined by as much as it did.

Every chance that it will decline even further next month.

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