Is Windows 10 Version 2004 Finalized?

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The question of the year, as we begin a new decade. Is Windows 10 version 2004 finalized? Although far from confirmed, there are signs hinting that it may be.

If anything, Microsoft may have finalized this next update before the year was out.

This, of course, being the version that also goes as 20H1.

Previous reports from people close to them matter indicated that this update was scheduled to be signed off on December 17. And well, it certainly does look like this happened. Even though we have no official announcement on this.

We have not had much fanfare about this new update to the operating system, for the obvious reason that this release is not too high on new features. But buzz among the bees is that the software titan has most likely finalized the development of Windows 10 version 2004 sometimes in December.

That said, as is usually the case, the public launch, will not happen anytime soon.

The version number hints that this version is expected to go live for production devices in April or May.

Redmond has a its typical release schedule for Windows 10 feature updates going. And with that in mind, we should expect launch sometimes in spring — after through testing, both internally and with the help of Windows Insiders.

Microsoft has made it a habit to focus on fixes and performance improvements of Windows 10 releases for around three or four months at least, in order to further polish the feature update before the start of the public rollout.

The software giant is also going in hard to test Windows 10 20H2 builds before its eventual release.

Busy year.

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