Windows 10 Version 2004 Update Block Removed For Thunderbolt Docks

Thunderbolt Dock

That’s a relief. Microsoft has finally gotten around another update block that it put up in place for Windows 10 version 2004. Systems with thunderbolt docks were prevented from upgrading to this new release.

But not anymore.

The software titan managed to fix the problem with the recently released Patch Tuesday updates. The issue caused some PCs to blue screen when plugging in a Thunderbolt dock with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update installed.

As a result, those who were using a Thunderbolt dock to extend the capabilities of their computers found that they had an upgrade block in place.

This is now being lifted.

If you have been unable to upgrade your PC to the latest version of Windows 10, then you should be able to do so soon. That is, of course, assuming that your device is not blocked for some other reason, where there are many.

Redmond actually has a whole list of known issues that are causing compatibility holds, most notable of which are related to the Surface line of devices. Microsoft recently lifted those blocks too, but later had to clarify that these users would only be unblocked if they are not being blocked by anything else.

Yeah, the Windows 10 May 2020 Update has been a bit of a mess when it comes to this.

Fine release, otherwise.

Anyway, let’s hope the company manages to get to all these problems soon. Many PCs are still blocked from upgrading, and most have not even been offered the update.

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