Windows 10 Will Let You Archive Your Unused Apps


Well, here’s a handy little feature. Even if it is inspired by Apple. Microsoft, it is said, will soon allow you to start offloading apps that you don’t use. In other words, archive your unused applications.

This new feature has been spotted in the latest Windows 10 Insider previews from the development branch.

And it works about just as well as you expect it to.

The whole idea is to save you both storage and Internet bandwidth by packing up and safely storing your infrequently used applications and their data. These will then appear somewhere in the OS, and you will be able to reinstall them with a tap.

Archive Apps

Microsoft describes this feature as:

“To save storage space and Internet bandwidth, apps you don’t use frequently will be archived automatically. Your files and other data will be saved. The next time you use an archived app, it’ll connect to the internet to restore the full version (if it’s still available).”

Of course, this only works for Microsoft Store applications, and is an easy way for you to free up more space quickly on your device without going through the burden of backups.

Apple obviously introduced this feature first, calling it offloaded apps. It debuted in 2015 when the fruity company unveiled an Apple TV that had its own App Store. The key selling point of this 32GB device was the ability to offload apps that you did not use.

The feature later came to iOS 11.

And by the looks of things, it is coming in hot for Windows 10 too.

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