Concept Envisions A Fluent Design Microsoft Store

Concept Microsoft Store

A new concept has made its way out, showing just how easy it is to improve the Microsoft Store with some needed Fluent Design touches. Touches that absolutely lift the apps repository up.

While Redmond has been giving due attention to its storefronts recently, at least on the gaming front, there is no denying that the main Microsoft Store could use a little touchup too. A visual facelift could help increase its appeal, if not adoption.

This appears to be the motivation behind this redesign.

Published by Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana, this concept proposes a cosmetic overhaul of the app, making Collections a more prominent feature of the Microsoft Store.

See for yourself:

Concept Microsoft Store

The idea being, using app collections to highlight the applications that users may be looking for when they browse the Microsoft Store. Bringing them to the main page and promoting them in the right way, could help make the repository more useful for these users.

You have collections titled “Customize your Windows Desktop” and “Apps for Power Users” that are likely to be popular among Windows 10 users.

Overall, a neat new concept.

Of course, we have no hint from Microsoft that it is working on a makeover of the Microsoft Store. Even without official confirmation, a redesign is expected to go live at some point in the future. Redmond has a history of refreshing its apps repository, and the next refresh may go live sooner rather than later.

Maybe, right after the Xbox Store gets a looksie.

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