Windows 7 2020 Edition Blends Old With New

September 16, 2020
Modern Windows 7 Concecpt

Make mine Windows 7? The classic Windows 7 OS has been left to time, and the 2009 operating system no longer receives security updates. At least, the general public does not.

Users are thereby recommended to make the switch to Windows 10 to keep their data safe.

But while Windows 7 may be a dead platform now, not everyone is ready or willing to give up on it. Some of these users are beholden to compatibility issues with their peripherals or custom software, and others simply don’t agree with the modern direction Microsoft has taken the Windows platform.

For these users, Windows 7 is the last Windows OS that is optimized for the desktop.

And modern Windows 10 additions like the Microsoft Store, Cortana, and the modern UWP applications simply make the experience too cluttered.

If you are one such user, then this new concept that has been published this week is the perfect imagining of what a blend of old and new generation features in Windows might look like. The best of both worlds, so to say.

Essentially, what you have here is the classic Windows 7 look that borrows a bunch of modern ideas from Windows 10. At the same time, it also comes with a bunch of features on its own that make this a rather compelling design.

You have the Aero style that is still available, but then you have a refreshed File Explorer with tabs. There is support for gadgets on the desktop that help add functionality to the experience.

Neat stuff, as far as concepts go, don’t you think?

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