Windows 8.1 Preview Drops WiFi On Some Surface Pro Tablets

I guess it can be said with reasonable surety that the networking components used on the first generation Surface slates do not always play nicely with other parts of the device.

Since launch, owners of both tablets have reported some issues with limited or no WiFi connectivity. And even though they were not all that easy to fix, Microsoft did its best to remedy the situation. And to good effect too, as recent reports have suggested that the Patch Tuesday resolved the problem.

But the widespread bug, it seems, is back — at least on the Surface Pro.

Users have posted on the official Microsoft support forum that the WiFi on their Surface Pro has started to drop unexpectedly after deploying the Windows 8.1 Preview.

As one of the affected users explained in a post:

“I have noticed the same problem. My WIFI has dropped 3 times since I installed Windows 8.1 Preview. I have a solid WIFI setup and never had any connection issues on my Surface Pro with the factory setup of Windows 8.”

And there is no workaround to deal with this bug right now, and Microsoft is obviously yet to release an official fix. But the technology titan is rolling out regular updates for the Windows 8.1 Preview, so here is hoping that it can address this pesky little problem before it has a chance to spread.

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