Files UWP Brings A Modern File Explorer To Windows 10

Files UWP

Microsoft never quite got it going with a UWP based File Explorer to replace the classic program. But third-party solutions, like Files UWP here, have done a good job stepping up.

The need for a modern, UWP based alternative file management apps for the modern variants of Window is not quiet as hot as it was during the all-or-nothing days of Windows 8. But these applications do have their uses.

Particularly, if they offer a breezy usage experience with Fluent Design splashes, and extra features like instance tabs.

Files UWP

Files UWP is currently in preview, but you get a tabbed layout with multiple modes, and more on the way. File access performance is about as good as it gets, a critical factor with third-party file management solutions.

Take a better look at it in this video below:

You also get addition features like clipboard actions, file details, as well as quick access — basically, everything that you might expect from a modern file management app.

The app is completely open source, with the code available here on GitHub.

Luke Blevins, the developer, plans to implement key features like search options, better OneDrive integration, as well as support for WSL in the near future. The app itself is on track to leave preview in a few months.

You can download it below from the Microsoft Store.

Download: Files UWP

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