Internet Explorer Now Automatically Loads Edge

November 3, 2020
IE Edge

Internet Explorer is a web browser that has absolutely no future right now, even as it recently saw a surprising increase in market share. Microsoft is now wholly focused on Edge.

But since the user base is split between these two applications, Redmond is trying to make the overall experience as straightforward as possible.

As part of its commitment to the new Edge, the company has also developed a way to automatically redirect Internet Explorer users to the new browser whenever an incompatible site is loaded — of which there are many.

This means that IE can now automatically launch Edge if you point your browser to a website that does not support it. Well, as long as you are running the stable flavor of Edge, version 87 or later.

Internet Explorer Edge Dialog

The software titan has detailed this change in a support document, explaining:

“Many modern websites have designs that are incompatible with Internet Explorer. Whenever an Internet Explorer user visits an incompatible public site, they get a message that tells them the site is incompatible with their browser, and they need to manually switch to a different browser.

The need to manually switch to a different browser changes starting with Microsoft Edge Stable version 87. When a user goes to a site that is incompatible with Internet Explorer, they will be automatically redirected to Microsoft Edge.”

Microsoft has created a list of all websites that are considered to be incompatible with IE.

And when a user tries to load such a site, Internet Explorer checks to see if Edge 87 is installed on the device. If it is, it launches Edge and loads the said page in the browser.

A notification is shown on the screen to let users know that the website they tried to load does not support IE. Interestingly, the process also imports all browsing data from Internet Explorer to Edge, essentially preparing a full migration.

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