Live Tiles Are Almost Done For In Windows 10

Live Tiles

In what is another sign that live tiles are done for in Windows 10, we have Microsoft getting ready and laying the groundwork for this major change in the operating system.

It was a week ago that a rumor surfaced, claiming that the company might be planning to ditch this feature in the OS in an attempt to create a more static Start Menu — one that better serves its purpose of launching apps more effectively.

Apparently, this is what data that the company collected suggests.

And Redmond is very keen on using this to improve the usability of the Start Menu.

While we have heard nothing official from the software giant on this yet, the most recent build of Windows 10 no longer includes an option to pin new apps to the Start Menu. As the screenshot below shows, it only displays a button to launch them after installation is complete.

Take a look:

No Pin To Live Tiles

This new approach may well be the first step towards the removal of this feature, which was actually borrowed from the Windows Phone platform.

Live tiles not being created in the Start Menu is a pretty big affair, after all. And it’s not likely that most users would go a step further and manually place a tile on the Start Menu after they install an app. Not when they can quickly search for it and launch it from there.

Particularly, as Cortana and Windows Search are now separate, and Microsoft is planning new improvements for the search feature in Windows 10.

Hard to tell whether live tiles will go away in 19H1, considering the fact that the company is testing this right now. But this much is certain that this may happen in the new version that Microsoft is preparing as a successor to Windows 10 S.

Windows Lite.

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