May 2019 Update Continues To Rock The Windows World

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Windows world, in this case, alludes to the Windows 10 world. And the modern OS has a rather interesting blend of versions going for it right now, with the May 2019 Update ruling the roost.

In fact, version 1903 as it is known, is running on 1 in 2 PCs.

This is, according to the latest AdDuplex data, which handily paints a picture of the entire Windows 10 ecosystem. And the numbers for this month show that the Windows 10 May 2019 Update is powering a solid 53.4% of all devices the world over.

Oddly enough, this is the first new AdDuplex report that we have seen since October, meaning it is the first one to show where the Windows 10 November 2019 Update stands.

And this new update stands at 15.2% of device — par for the course as some would say.

The 1909 rollout may not be moving as fast as older versions, and that is because Windows Update now asks users if they want to install a feature update, as opposed to just installing it. Nevertheless, this pace is similar to that of version 1903, which is the first update where Microsoft used this method.

The statistics for the rest of the versions are not too surprising either, save for version 1803 which saw the biggest decline in usage. It went down from 13.6% to just 5.6%. Support for this version of the operating system ended in November, and these users probably saw an automatic update to a new one.

On the hardware side of things, we can also take a look at the most popular Surface PCs.

The Surface Pro 4 is the king of the hill here, and the fifth-generation Surface Pro follows it. The new Surface Pro 7 also made an appearance in this chart, while the Surface Go jumped two spots to land rather snuggly in third place.

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