Microsoft And Oracle Teamed Up To Fend Off Amazon


The enemy of my enemy is my bro? Something similar transpired between three cloud giants lately, with Oracle turning out to be a secret ally of Microsoft in its quest to land a prestigious deal.

Yes, talking about the JEDI contract, what else?

According to the information revealed by The Information (pun always intended), Microsoft and Oracle joined hands in order to fend off Amazon, resulting in the Redmond based technology giant landing the coveted Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract.

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Many expected an easy win for AWS, with the company possessing all that was needed to be awarded this $10 billion Pentagon project.

Microsoft and Oracle have had a complicated relationship over the years, but the two companies began working together in April 2018 to help persuade the Department of Defense not to award JEDI to Amazon.

With Amazon seen as the favorite to win the deal, lobbyists for both companies wanted the Pentagon to break the contract into pieces.

DoD soon decided that only one company would win the contract.

And here we are.

The JEDI cloud contract will see Microsoft bring no less than 1,700 different datacenters and 500 cloud initiatives into a single common cloud environment.

It’s this very prestigious nature of the contract that has led Amazon and Microsoft towards a path where the two cloud giants are accusing each other in blog posts, amidst the ongoing legal wrangle between AWS and the US government.

True war of the words, this!

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