Microsoft Defender Now Blocks CCleaner


CCleaner is now an app non grata? The popular system cleanup utility is now flagged as a PUA by Microsoft Defender, and its installation thereby blocked on Windows 10.

That’s Potentially Unwanted Application.


Very much.

Redmond originally added the application to its threat database without proving too many details, but an updated posted on July 29 explains why exactly the program is blocked. And the explanation is exactly what you would expect.

The software titan says that while the application itself is not dangerous, the fact that its installer includes software like Google Chrome, the Google Toolbar, Avast, and AVG means that it comes bundled with apps that users may not want.


“Certain installers for free and 14-day trial versions of CCleaner come with bundled applications, including applications that are not required by CCleaner or produced by the same publisher Piriform. While the bundled applications themselves are legitimate, bundling of software, especially products from other providers, can result in unexpected software activity that can negatively impact user experiences.”

The software giant emphasizes that these are all clean apps, but the fact that CCleaner installer does not offer a setting to opt out of them and prevent their download and installation, users may end up running programs that they did not ask for.

As a result, Windows Defender just blocks CCleaner completely.

Rules are rules!

Worth a mention here that not all installers of the cleaning app are blocked. Piriform, the company that develops the program, also offers separate packages that come without these bundled programs that are deployed during installation.

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