Microsoft Market Cap May Hit $2 Trillion In Two Years

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Something about the sky being the limit? If things go according to plan, Microsoft could be the first company to breach the $2 trillion market cap mark. And that too, in two years.

It may even beat Apple, its fruity rival, to this milestone.

This is according to a forecast by Wells Fargo Securities analyst Philip Winslow, who believes that the Redmond based security giant will end up being priced at $238, and more importantly, maintain its 14% revenue growth in next few years.

Out of this, some 20% growth will come from the intelligent cloud segment alone.

Microsoft is one of the few companies that are duking it out in the cloud game, and this is a bet that continues to pay off for the company. With a market capitalization to the tune of $1.39 trillion as of this writing, the firm is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Winslow is of the view that it is this push for cloud services and enterprise products that will fuel the company to this landmark of $2 trillion market capitalization.

In the mix are other Microsoft products that are skyrocketing, like Microsoft Teams.

Of course, these are just very carefully placed predictions, and a lot can happen between now and when the software giant eventually crosses this milestone. There are variables, just like there always are in any business.

But this much is sure that pretty much everything Microsoft touches is turning to gold.

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