OneDrive Files On-Demand Broken In May 2020 Update

OneDrive Cloud

For a little feature update that had been in testing for about 15 months, the newly arrived Windows 10 May 2020 Update sure likes to behave wonky in certain cases.

Cases like this OneDrive Files On-Demand problem.

Users on the Tech Community forums have been reporting issues with this particular feature of the cloud file storage service. These issues result in OneDrive serving up an error stating that “OneDrive cannot connect to Windows”.

OneDrive Error Files On-Demand

The prompt then provides users with an option to download files that have not been synced but notes that online-only files cannot be downloaded.

It gets worse in that the download itself gets stuck, while users are unable to even open files that are synced with OneDrive.

OneDrive Error Files On-Demand

Microsoft has responded with a support ticket, acknowledging that there is an ongoing issue with the 2004 update that many users are affected with. Though, for some reason, the software titan is yet to add this problem to the list that it maintains in the known issues section of the update status page.

But, at least, the company is working on a fix, which it promises should become available soon.

Digging down, it appears that some folks have found a few workarounds, including resetting the OneDrive client, or tweaking the ‘Cldflt’ instance in the registry. There’s even an official one on Microsoft’s own support pages.

However, they do not fix the problem for all users.

It is not yet known how widespread this entire thing is either, but all we know is that Microsoft has acknowledged these troubles with its latest feature update for the OS.

Fingers crossed, for a permanent fix soon.

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