OneDrive Gets Dark Mode, Family And Group Sharing

July 2, 2020
OneDrive Dark

A bunch of important updates are in for the OneDrive cloud sharing service, a whole bunch, in fact. These range from sharing and collaborative enhancements to visual and aesthetic touchups.

Microsoft outlined them all in a blog post on its Microsoft 365 blog.

And highlighted is the ability to add shortcuts to shared folders in your OneDrive to bring all your shared content into one place. This enables you to work with the shared content with the same power and flexibility as if the files were your own.

The Add to OneDrive feature will be gradually rolling out in late July, with worldwide availability set for the end of September 2020.

Likewise, another key update is the ability to upload up to 100GB files — a major uptick from the previous limit of just 15GB that was restricting to say the least for users that worked with large files on the cloud storage service.

OneDrive also recently picked up support for differential sync, which can save bandwidth by only syncing the parts of large files with changes, rather than uploading the entire file all over again.

Comment notifications and address bar sharing tools are also in.

On the topic of sharing, we finally have support for Family and Group sharing that will make it easier for folks to share their files and albums, photos and videos with a predefined group of people.

In fact, the sharing experience that is currently available across OneDrive, Outlook, and Office will soon make its way to Microsoft Teams, the company has announced. Shared links can be sent to anyone, including those in a private or group chat.

And finally, the OneDrive web app is getting Dark Mode support, which will work on both consumer and professional accounts.

Support for the dark theme is already available on the OneDrive apps on iOS and Android, and it’s nice to see it finally being rolled out for web users of the cloud service.

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