OneDrive Goes Down In Europe And Beyond


Can we get to December, already?! Microsoft is having just a month, as several of its online services experienced hiccups, some more than once. OneDrive being the latest.

The cloud file hosting service took a beating with the stick of fail earlier today, as it took a tumble this morning. Issues began appearing at around 8:00 GMT, as users in Europe found a picture of a bicycle with a flat tyre or a dropped ice cream cone instead of their files when they logged in.

Microsoft soon confirmed that users in some regions may experience issues when connected.

Meaning the issue spread beyond the Old Continent.

OneDrive Logo

The company shared a message on its service health page, confirming that the OneDrive service was experiencing issues, and it was planning to deploy a fix soon.

Redmond followed it up with an updated message:

“We’re reviewing system telemetry to isolate the source of the issue and determine the next troubleshooting steps. We’ve determined that a networking issue is impacting user request to the service. We’re rerouting user connections to alternate infrastructure to remediate impact.”

Heavens to bitsy!

OneDrive is the public face of the Microsoft cloud, the company’s answer to Dropbox and friends. Millions rely on it as a substitute of emailing themselves their documents or carrying their data in USB sticks, as well as to host their collection of photos, videos or other files.

And to see it down like this, is well, not a good place to be.

This latest outage follows the issues experienced by the multifactor authentication service earlier this month, which affected Azure users. The MFA service actually went down again yesterday, but not before another networking hiccup caused problems for Office 365 users.

As for OneDrive, it is slowly coming back to life, with some people reporting success in accessing their files. Microsoft is said to have address the networking issue that led to customers in Europe experiencing difficulty.

While it continues to reroute user connections across the problem.

Bring on December, already!

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