PowerToys 0.18.2 Brings Even More Fixes


It was during BUILD that Microsoft unleashed PowerToys version 0.18. The firm followed it up with a bug fixing update that went by as 0.18.1, and now version 0.18.2 is here to fix even more issues.

The reason for these quick refreshes is that the original release brought with it some interesting new features like the Keyboard Remapper and Run. The latter actually aims to replace the Win + R shortcut for power users with a pretty capable experience of its own.

Anyway, back to this latest refresh.

Going by as Version 0.18.2, this release adds a few more bug fixes, including improvements to the aforementioned Run feature. One particular issue resulted in searches not finding some apps like File Explorer and Windows Terminal.

In addition to these, this release also fixes the issue where opening Run with elevated administrator privileges would cascade into the apps also opening with elevated privileges.

Also fixed, is the issue with Notepad and Notepad++ showing up twice.

The developers note that this version was built off the stable branch, and we have confirmation that additional work is being done to the master branch.

PowerToys requires Windows 10 version 1803 build 17134 or later to run, and the open source tool also needs the .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime to be installed on your system.

Want to download the latest version of this tool?

Head on over to the release page on GitHub.

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