Removing PWAs In Windows 10 About To Get Easier


Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWAs, are the latest rage in the world of software. Their main selling point is that they allow websites to be used straight from the desktop without much fuss.

Only, while installing them is as easy as loading a website, uninstall options leave much to be desired. These are available in the web browser too, but the whole process is not as streamlined, and not exactly straightforward depending on the PWA in question.

However, Google is having none of it.

The search engine giant is on a quest to simplify this.

As reported, there is a new Chromium bug listed for Chrome 86 that provides some hints on what the company is working on. And that is, the ability to remove PWAs right from the Settings app or the Control Panel in Windows 10.

The idea:

“PWA on Desktop Windows: Uninstall PWA from OS settings. When user uninstall a PWA from Windows Settings or Control, it also uninstalls PWA from browser register.”


Can only be good news for Windows 10 users, as adoption of PWAs is not only steadily picking up, developers are also optimizing their sites and services for these types of applications. After all, there is a whole alliance led by Google and Microsoft that is working to popularize these neat little apps.

As a matter of pure fact, Microsoft also offers a dedicated set of tools that aim to make coding these unique applications easier for developers.

Interestingly, the only issue here is that the classic Control Panel in Windows 10 is on its way out.

To that end, PWAs showing up for management there will only be a temporary gift to users, as the Settings app is the place to be to remove applications in the OS.

Oh well.

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