Samsung And Microsoft Amp Up Their Partnership

Galaxy Note 20

Samsung unveiled a bunch of new goodies earlier this morning like the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Tab 7. But one of the biggest announcements to come out the event was related to its partnership with Microsoft.

The two companies are taking it to a whole another level.

For starters, we have new integrations between Galaxy devices and Microsoft services.

Premium Samsung Galaxy phones have already been enjoying the unique Link to Windows integration that provides owners a seamless way to take call, check phone notifications, and do more from a Windows 10 PC.

The new Galaxy Note 20 pushes things even further, with the ability to launch Android apps directly on your Windows 10 powered computer. This is, obviously, very different from the screen mirror feature that is widely available in that launching an app this way opens it in a separate window altogether.

Perfect way to multitask and save time.

In addition to projecting Android apps to a Windows 10 PC, the Galaxy Note 20 will also better integrate with Microsoft 365 apps like OneNote, Outlook Tasks, Microsoft To Do, and Microsoft Teams.

Other Samsung devices will also benefit from this team up with Microsoft, with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 using Outlook as its native email client. Same goes for the ability of the new Galaxy Tab 7 to be used as a second screen for a Windows 10 PC.

And finally, this partnership between the two industry titans extends to Xbox.

Samsung will offer the Xbox Game Pass with cloud gaming on its Galaxy App Store, and this app will be different from the regular application available on the Google Play Store. It will come with the exclusive ability to redeem tokens and make in-app purchases.

Furthermore, the Korean company will also offer a Gaming Bundle for its new Galaxy Note 20 that will include three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

With cloud gaming included, of course.

Talk about synergy!

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