Windows 10 Sure Could Do With This Control Center

Control Center Concept

In terms of usability, there’s not much you can add to Windows 10. The OS really has it all, everything sorted and accounted for. But a Control Center like this is still an enticing possibility.

This new concept imagines a truly useful little corner for the operating system.

One that comes with pretty much everything you would need to control key areas of your system like volume levels, connected devices, network, brightness, and all those fun, essential things that make up a modern computing experience.

Just like the recent Microsoft Store redesign, this concept also comes from Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana, who continues to impressed with his talented designs.

His latest creation is for a Control Center that, well, puts you in control. Yes, it is possible to access many of these settings using the flyouts in Windows 10, as well as the Action Center. But this design brings them together in a more focused, straightforward approach.


And as you would expect, this proposed Control Center comes with a design that perfectly fits the Windows 10 philosophy, Fluent Design and all.

Transparency is also a hallmark of this delightful new concept.

Obviously, this is just one of the many concepts that skilled designers have been envisioning for Microsoft in the hope that some of these ideas eventually make their way to the operating system in the future.

Don’t hold your breath for something like this to makes its way in the next update, though.

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