Even The Surface Pro 7 Can’t Install The May 2020 Update

Surface Pro 7

Ironic. The Emperor from Star Wars would be amused. For even the stylish and versatile Surface Pro 7 is unable to install the Windows 10 May 2020 Update due to compatibility reasons.

While the latest version of the OS is not without its fair share of troubles, these problems are not in the realm of extraordinary. At least, most of them. Extensive testing and a careful rollout have ensured that version 2004 is not exactly the worst version of Windows 10 out the gates.


Still, it appears that Microsoft will need to be extra careful from here on.

As will the users.

The latest version of Windows 10 checks almost all the right boxes, save for hardware compatibility. Issues have been popping up left and right, and it seems that a wide range of devices have a red mark on them due to their internal circuitry.

Including the shiny Surface Pro 7 and the and the chic Surface Laptop 3 — the two of the leading members of the Surface family.

Both these devices are unable to install the May 2020 Update. And owners of these two machines are sure to be a tad disappointed that they will have to wait to take a look at all the neat features that this new flavor of Windows 10 brings.

Microsoft has been keeping an eye on things via the convenient Windows 10 Health Dashboard.

And the two devices are among the many listed that are having a problem with the May 2020 Update. A lot of these issues seem easy enough to fix, though we all know that networking and connectivity troubles can take a sweet time to disappear.

Case in point, the WiFi issues on the Surface Pro 3 were an absolute nightmare, and they took Microsoft took years to resolve.

Again, as mentioned above, the problems with Windows 10 version 2004 are not unprecedented. Redmond seems to be on top of things, and is doing a much better job involving the user base this time around, with a dedicated dashboard and a more open way of telling people not to deploy this release.

The Emperor can be seen with a smirk on his face.

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