Intel Delays Its 7nm Processors

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Man, Intel just can’t catch a break! The chip giant reported its quarterly earnings yesterday, and well, let’s just say that there is some bad news on the horizon for its upcoming products.

The company has delayed its 7nm processors.


These chips were already six months beyond their targeted release, and due to the yield being behind, they will now come a full year after the original target. This should not come as surprising, though, when you consider how its 10nm processors were delayed for years.

We are finally starting to see these chips maker their way to market, albeit slowly.

Last year got us Ice Lake, but Intel struggled to make enough of them and was forced to launch a 14m line of U and Y series processors. Besides, apart from these two series of chips, the entire 10th generation lineup is built on a 14nm node.

And this comes at a time when the rest of the market already has its eyes on what lies beyond 7nm.

Qualcomm, of course, already launched the first 7nm mobile PC chip with the Snapdragon 8cx that made its way out in December 2018. This was followed by AMD introducing 7nm desktop x86 processors in January 2020.

No wonder Microsoft decided to go with AMD for Surface, as have other hardware makers like Lenovo.

Intel, meanwhile, is still stuck in the 10nm land.


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