Windows Core OS May Sport A New Notifications System

Action Center Concept

We’re some 10 months away from the arrival of Surface Neo, which will be powered by a new platform called Windows Core OS. And naturally, rumors regarding this operating system are now starting to bubble up.

This time around, another LinkedIn profile seems to hint at what Microsoft is cooking.

It looks like the company is baking in some notifications system and accessibility improvements in this new platform to simplify the management of notifications in Windows Core OS, though we are still short on details.

But the profile does say that the company plans to implement an in-context feature on the Notifications settings page of Windows Core OS.

As written:

“Implement in-context feature on notification settings page on desktop and notification settings page on WCOS for Windows Settings.”

These go nicely with the previous improvements that have surfaced regarding the new Action Center that Microsoft has designed, which provides a clear and consistent path for users to access settings and also display the state of the device.

Like battery, brightness, or volume levels.

Of course, Redmond has already showcased the new Windows Core OS running on HoloLens 2 and Surface Hub 2X, but the company has stopped shy of revealing its complete plans regarding this modular operating system.

Even at last year’s Surface event, Microsoft only showed off Windows 10X, which is technically based on Core OS, but it did not dive deep into the modular platform.

However, judging by how things are shaping up, we could be in for something good.

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