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Your Phone Apps

The Your Phone app recently picked up some exclusive features, the most prominent of which is the ability to bring Android apps right in the application so that they can be used on PCs.

This much hyped ability had been available for select few.

But now, Microsoft has announced that it should finally be available to the general public during the next 48 hours, meaning anyone can take it for spin on your computers — as long as they have a compatible device.

Another way of saying premium Samsung smartphones and the Surface Duo.

Microsoft made things official in a tweet:

This feature had begun rolling to the general public last month, but the software titan opted to do things in waves based on the region and device type. What this meant was that only a selection of users that owned these handsets were allowed.

By the end of this week, everyone with a supported Android phone and Windows 10 device should be able to connect them together, and then see and access their apps on their PC.

They will be able to pin Android apps to the Taskbar and the Start Menu, and launch them from these places. And these applications can also be opened in windows outside of the Your Phone app for better multitasking.

Microsoft maintains a list of compatible devices here.

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