PowerToys 0.19 Is All About Fixes


PowerToys 0.19 is here in all its glory. And despite being a major release, there are no new features in this version of the program that focuses exclusively on fixing bugs and adding quality improvements.

As a matter of fact, more than 100 issues across the various utilities have been addressed.

The previous release of this collection of utilities and tools for power users was packed to the brim with new additions. Prime among them were PowerToys Run and the Keyboard Manager.

Microsoft then rolled out two minor bug fixing updates.

And this newest release is all about optimizing what we already have in terms of features. The list of fixes in this release is rather lengthy, but the biggest focus being on PowerToys Run.

In terms of improvements, the application now recognizes PWAs, and Steam games now show up in the results. Hidden files are now recognized, while a bug that prevented Windows Terminal from being found has also been taken care of.

The team also switched to low-level hooks, meaning it is now possible to set keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key. However, the company warns that these can be a bit quirky with PowerToys Run.

There are fixes for many other included tools, as well. PowerRename, Keyboard Manager, and FancyZones all got a look. We now have better recognition of remapped keys in games, and improvements to FancyZones when using virtual desktops.

Redmond does note that there are still a couple of known issues, including newly installed applications not showing up and problems with CPU and memory usage.

The company has a fix for the former ready, though it is still investigating the performance issues.

Still, if you are ready to give this

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