Surface Duo Still Expected To Launch This Year

Surface Duo Launch

The Surface hardware line got a bit of a jolt this week, when Microsoft confirmed that it was pushing back the release of Surface Neo, its Windows 10X powered dual-screen device.

But the company has been working on another ambitious dual-screen machine that has already been detailed. And thankfully there seems to be no change of plans there.

Talking about the Surface Duo, of course.

Undisclosed sources report that Redmond still wants to launch the Surface Duo Android phone this year, though the company is yet to decide on the timing details until now.

The device still has a 2020 release target — only that it has no timing specifics yet.

And the reason for that is simple. The technology titan has seen its original release target impacted by the ongoing health crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has made the company rethink its calendar to make sure that it is able to get the device on store shelves at the right moment.

You don’t want to be too late, or too early here.

This Android powered Surface Duo was due holiday this year, though there were some voices hinting that it could go live even earlier.

Surface Duo was supposed to come with Android 9 running on a Snapdragon 855 processor.

At this point in time, it is very likely that Microsoft will install either Android 10 or Android 11 on the device, provided this version goes live by the time the Duo launches.

Luckily, if the company wants to pen down an estimate release window, then there is no better time than the upcoming BUILD developer conference to announce it. It will be a digital event this year, but don’t be surprised if Microsoft shares more details on its Surface Duo plans.

We shall find out soonish.

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